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Sample CBSE Class 7 Social Studies History Worksheet Questions

Fill in the blanks: Existing kings often acknowledged ____________ as their subordinates or samantas.
Fill in the blanks: Sanskrit poem containing the history of kings was composed by an author named _________. 
Fill in the blanks: Initially ____________ were subordinate to the Chalukyas of Karnataka.
Fill in the blanks: Irrigation works require planning organizing labour and ____________, maintaining these works and deciding on how water is to be shared.
Fill in the blanks: Each ____________ was looked after by an assembly or sabha of prominent Brahmana landholders.
Fill in the blanks: Many of the achievements of the Cholas were made possible through new developments in ____________ .
State Yes or No: River Rabi branches off into several small channels before emptying into the Bay of Bengal.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Unusual for the twelfth century was a long Sanskrit poem containing the history of kings who ruled over Kashmir.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Vijayalaya built the town of Thanjavur and a temple for goddess Nishumbhasudini there.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: The big temples of Thanjavur and Gangaikondacholapuram are architectural and sculptural marvels.
1. Yes 2. No

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