Free CBSE Class 7 Social Studies History New Kings and Kingdoms Worksheets

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Sample CBSE Class 7 Social Studies History New Kings and Kingdoms Worksheet Questions

State Yes or No: Groups of villages formed larger units called nadu.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Pandya temples often became the nuclei of settlements which grew around them.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Settlements of peasants, known as ur, became prosperous with the spread of irrigation agriculture.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: A large number of Brahmana settlements emerged in the Kaveri valley as in other parts of south India.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: For centuries, rulers belonging to the Gurjara-Pratihara, Rashtrakuta and Pala dynasties fought for control over Kanauj. 
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: The successors of Vijayalaya conquered neighbouring regions and the kingdom grew in size and power.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: By the 6th century there were big landlords or warrior chiefs in different regions of the subcontinent. 
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: One particularly prized area was the city of Kanauj in the Ganga valley.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Muttaraiyar were superior to the Pallava kings of Kanchipuram.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Kings often rewarded Brahmanas by grants of land.
1. Yes 2. No

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