Free CBSE Class 7 Social Studies History New Kings and Kingdoms Worksheets

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Sample CBSE Class 7 Social Studies History New Kings and Kingdoms Worksheet Questions

State Yes or No: Kings often rewarded Brahmanas by grants of land.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Unlike the writers of prashastis, Kalhana was often critical about rulers and their policies. 
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Chola bronze images are considered amongst the finest in the world.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Initially landlords were subordinate to the Chalukyas of Karnataka.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: In the delta region embankments had to be built to prevent flooding and canals had to be constructed to carry water to the fields.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Kalhana used a variety of sources, including inscriptions, documents, eyewitness accounts and earlier histories, to write his account.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Existing kings often acknowledged landlords as their subordinates or samantas.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Revenue was also collected from kings.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Prashastis were composed by learned Brahmanas, who occasionally helped in the administration.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Brahmanas often received land grants or brahmadeya.
1. Yes 2. No

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