Free CBSE Class 9 Science1 Motion Worksheets

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Sample CBSE Class 9 Science1 Motion Worksheet Questions

How will the equations of motion for an object moving with a uniform velocity change?
What is the displacement and distance covered by the car which moves in a circular road of radius R when it covers half the circle?
What is the velocity vs time graph of an object when it moves with uniform positive acceleration?
What happens to acceleration when an object moves in a circle with uniform speed?
A car goes from point A to B and then come back from B to A. What is the displacement and average velocity?

A bodymoves over a horizontal surface with an initial velocity of 2 m/s. Due to friction its velocity decreases uniformly at rate of . How much time will it take to stop?


A car has a uniform accleration of . Calculate the distance travelled by the car after 10 seconds of start?


A car is travelling at a speed of 72km/h, the brakes are applied so as to produce a uniform acceleration of . Find the distance it travels after applying brakes so that it completely stops?


A particletravels with an initial velocity of +6.0 m/s and moves with an acceleration of -2.0 m/s2. Calculate the displacement of the particle after 5 seconds?


An object moves along a straight line with an acceleration of . If its initial speed is 10 m/s, find its speed after 5s?

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