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Sample CBSE Class 9 Science1 Is Matter Around us pure Worksheet Questions

A solution contains 20 gram of sugar mixed with 105 gram of water. What is the concentration of the solution?
The solubility of KCl is 40g in 100g of water. The density of the solution is 1.4g /L. What is the w/V percentage of KCl in the solution?
A solution contains 40 g of common salt in water. Calculate the mass of water if the mass percentage of the solution is 25%.
0.01% ( by mass ) solution of sodium chloride is present in water, calculate the mass of water in the solution.
A solution contains 50 g of common salt in 450 g of water. Calculate the concentration in terms of mass by mass percentage of the solution.
Calculate the mass of sodium chloride required to prepare its 25% (mass percent) solution in 200g of water.
How much water should be required to 20 g of salt to obtain 20% of salt solution?
State True/False: The composition of a sample of steel is: 98% iron, 1.5% carbon and 0.5% other elements. This composition is physical.
1. true 2. false
State True/False: The size of particles of a suspension is less than 100 nm.
1. true 2. false
State True/False: Saturated solution made unsaturated by increasing the temperature.
1. true 2. false

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