Free CBSE Class 9 Science Force and laws of motion Worksheets

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Sample CBSE Class 9 Science Force and laws of motion Worksheet Questions

Why does a swimmer push water backwards with his hands, in order to swim in forward direction?
A spring scale reads 10N as it pulls a body of 5 kg. Calculate the magnitude of force exerted by the body on the spring scale.
State True/False: SI unit of force is dyne.
1. 1.0 2. 0.0
State True/False: Force can make a stationary body in motion
1. 2 2. 0.0
State True/False: If the result of applied forces is greater than zero the forces are called unbalanced forces.
1. 3 2. 0.0
State True/False: Heavier the object lesser is its inertia.
1. 4 2. 0.0
State True/False: When two forces are acting in the opposite directions of an object, which does not cause any change in the state of motion of the object, then the forces are said to be balanced.
1. 5 2. 0.0
State True/False: When a body moves over a frictional surface, its acceleration increases with increase in friction.
1. 6 2. 0.0
A car of mass 100 kg moving at 20 m/s is brought to rest after it covered a distance of 20 m. Find the retarding force acting on the car.
Calculate the force exerted on a body of mass 10 kg for 2 seconds, which raises its from 3 m/s to 15 m/s.

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