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Sample CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Questions

Choose the correct option: A three digit number is formed by the digits 1, 2 and 3 with no digit being repeated. The probability that it will be an even number is _____.
1. 1/3 2. 2/3 3. 1/6 4. 5/6
Choose the correct option: Ramesh has 5 yellow, 4 green and 7 blue balls in a bag. The probability that the randomly selected ball is green is ______.
1. 7/16 2. 9/16 3. 1/4 4. 3/4
What is the probability that a number selected from numbers (1,2,3,…………,15) is a multiple of 5?
1. 2/3 2. 1/4 3. 1/5 4. 1/6
Choose the correct option: Two die are thrown simultaneously. The probability that the score is a prime number is ______.
1. 1/6 2. 5/12 3. 1/12 4. 1/9
What are the total outcomes when three die are tossed simultaneously?
1. 216 2. 36 3. 72 4. 18
Choose the correct option: In a survey of 364 children aged 19-36 months, it was found that 91 liked to eat potato chips. If a child is selected at random, the probability that he/she like to eat potato chips is _______.
1. 1/4 2. 1/2 3. 3/4 4. 1/5
In a cricket match, a bowler takes wicket 5 times out of 60 balls he bowled. Find the probability that he didn't take wicket.
1. 1/6 2. 1/12 3. 1/3 4. None of these
Find the probability of getting an even prime number on each die when a pair of dice is rolled.
Choose the correct option: There are 8 red, 7 yellow and 6 green balls in a bag. The probability that the randomly selected ball is neither green nor red is _________.
State True/False: A terminated line can be produced indefinitely on both the sides.
1. true 2. false

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