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Sample CBSE Class 8 Social Studies Civics Judiciary Worksheet Questions

Fill in the blanks: The ____________ has the power to penalise those who are found guilty of contempt of court. 
Fill in the blanks: ____________ Court considers appeals on decisions given by lower courts. 
Fill in the blanks: ____________ of tenure ensures that judges could function without fear or favour. 
Fill in the blanks: Orders passed by Supreme court are enforceable throughout the length and breadth of the ____________. 
Fill in the blanks: In any federal country, ____________ disputes are bound to arise between the Union and the States; and among the States themselves. 
Fill in the blanks: All disputes must be settled by an independent body in accordance with the ____________ of rule of law. 
Fill in the blanks: The term ____________ is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution. 
Fill in the blanks: In Kesavananda Bharati case, the Court ruled that there is a basic structure of the ____________ and nobody, not even the Parliament (through amendment) can violate the basic structure. 
Fill in the blanks: ____________ and judicial activism made it possible for courts to consider violations. 
Fill in the blanks: The review power means that the ____________ can interpret the Constitution and the laws passed by the legislature. 

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