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Sample CBSE Class 8 Social Studies Civics Worksheet Questions

Fill in the blanks: Judicial activism has had manifold impact on the ____________. 
Fill in the blanks: Decision of Supreme Court of India are binding on all ____________. 
Fill in the blanks: The ____________ prescribes a very difficult procedure for removal of judges. 
Fill in the blanks: The Constitution provides that the conduct of judges cannot be discussed in the ____________. 
Fill in the blanks: Judiciary in India is a very powerful ____________. 
Fill in the blanks: In 1992, a year after the ____________ had started the impeachment proceedings, a high-profile inquiry commission consisting of Judges of Supreme Court found Justice V Ramaswamy guilty. 
Fill in the blanks: For instance, reducing air or ____________ or investigating cases of corruption or bringing about electoral reform is not exactly the duty of the Judiciary. 
Fill in the blanks: The review power extends to the laws passed by ____________. 
Fill in the blanks: ____________ Court functions within the limitations imposed by the Constitution. 
Fill in the blanks: The Indian Constitution is based on a delicate ____________ of limited separation of powers and checks and balances. 

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