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Sample Class 8 Mensuration Worksheet Questions

A parallelogram is divided into two congruent triangles by drawing a diagonal across it. Can we divide a trapezium into two congruent triangles?
If the base area and volume of cuboid are 12 cm sq. and 36 cm cube then what is its height ?
What is the total surface area of cube whose volume is 1 cu. cm ?
A closed cylindrical tank of radius 14 m and height 6 m is made from a sheet of metal. How much sheet of metal is required?
The lateral surface area of a hollow cylinder is 8448 cm2.It is cut along its height and formed a rectangular sheet of width 66 cm. Find the perimeter of rectangular sheet?
A road roller takes 1500 complete revolutions to move once over to level a road. Find the area of the road if the diameter of a road roller is 168 cm and length is 2 m.
A company packages its milk powder in cylindrical container whose base has a diameter of 28 cm and height 40 cm. Company places a label around the surface of the container . If the label is placed 4 cm from top and bottom, what is the area of the label.
A rectangular paper of width 28 cm is rolled along its width and a cylinder of radius 40 cm is formed. Find the volume of the cylinder.
A rectangular piece of paper 22 cm × 8 cm is folded without overlapping to make a cylinder of height 8 cm. Find the volume of the cylinder.
The area of a rhombus and that of a square are equal. The side of the square is 6 cm If one of the diagonal of the rhombus is 4 cm Then find the length of its other diagonal.

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