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Sample CBSE Class 8 Maths Linear Equation in one variable Worksheet Questions

The sum of two numbers is 4980. If 13% of the one number is equal to 17% of the other. Find the number.
An Altitude of a triangle is five-thirds the length of its corresponding base. If the altitude were Increased by 8 cm and the base decreased by 4 cm the area of the triangle would remain the same. Find the base and altitude of the triangle.
Avi Sold his bicycle for an amount which was greater than Rs 1967 by half the price he paid for it and made a profit of Rs 600. How much did he buy the bicycle for?
Raj's mother is 92 years old & Raj is 42 years old in the year 1997. In what years was the mother six time as old as the son?
The unequal side of an isosceles triangle is 6 cm more than one of its equal sides, if the perimeter of the triangle is 36 cm. Find the length of the three sides.
Solve: 0.25(4y-3)=0.05(10y-9)
Present ages of aman and avi are in the ratio 4:5 Eight years from now the ratio of their ages will be 5:6.Find their Present ages.
The ages of Afrid and Riyaz are in the ration of 5:7.Four years from now the ratio of their ages will be 3:4. Find their present ages.
The sum of the digits of two digit is 18. If the digits are reversed the number is 126 more than the original. Find the number
In Sanjana's hostel one third of the total number of girls and four more take veg food only, the other 206 take both Veg and non-veg food. How many girls are there is the hostel?

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