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Sample CBSE Class 6 Social Studies History Worksheet Questions

Name a Neolithic site and its significance in the History.
True or False: Millets have been found at Hallur.
1. true 2. false
Fill in the Blanks: Jadeite, a stone which was brought from _________.
1. Iran 2. China 3. Japan 4. Malaysia
Name few crops found at Mehrgarh site.
Fill in the Blanks: Many farmers and herders started live in groups which are recognized as _____.
1. Communities 2. Groups 3. Tribes 4. Sectors
For each of the listed animals, describe what they may have been used for: Sheep, Goat, Dog and Ox
True or False: The teeth and horns of wild animals are usually much larger than those of domesticated animals.
1. true 2. false
Where do we get most of our food from?
Why do we find few plants and few animals in some areas and not in others?
What did Archaeologists discover about Earthen Pots & Cloth?

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