Free CBSE Class 6 Social Studies Geography Globe latitudes and longitudes Worksheets

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Sample CBSE Class 6 Social Studies Geography Globe latitudes and longitudes Worksheet Questions

Indian Standard Time is calculated based on which Meridian?
Fill in the Blanks: India located _________ of Greenwich at 82 degree 30'E is 5 hours and 30 minutes _______ of GMT.
1. West, ahead 2. East, ahead 3. West, behind 4. East, behind
Why is it 7.30 pm in India and 2 pm noon in London?
Name the Heat Zones of the Earth.
How is Prime Meridian measured?
State True or False: 180 degrees East and 180 degrees West Meridians are on the same line.
1. true 2. false
State True or False: You can locate any point on Earth if you know its Longitude.
1. true 2. false
Fill in the Blanks: India is ________ hours ahead of Greenwich time.
1. 5.5 2. 6.5 3. 4.5 4. 3.5
Fill in the Blanks: Sun's shadow is ______ at the noon and __________ at the Sunrise and Sunset.
1. Shortest, Longest 2. Longest, Shortest 3. Equal, Elongated 4. Lengthier, Widest
State True or False: When the Prime Meridian of Greenwich has the Sun at the highest Point in the sky, all the places along this meridian will have mid-day or noon.
1. true 2. false

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