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Sample Class 6 Ratio and Proportion Worksheet Questions

A typist has a type a manuscript of 45 pages. She has typed 35 pages of the manuscript. What is the ratio of the number of pages typed to the number of pages left?
An alloy contains only and copper and they are in the ratio of 8 : 10. if the weight of the alloy is 4 kg, then the weight of copper in the alloy?
Find two numbers whose sum is 200 and whose ratio is 10 : 40?
The shadow of a 3.5m long stick is 4m long. At the same time of the day, if the shadow of a flagstaff?
At the parking stand of Ramleela ground, Karan counted that there are 120 cycles, 80 scooters and 40 bikes. Find the ratio of the number of cycles to the total number of vehicles?
The number of milk teeth in human beings is 25 and the number of permanent teeth is 35. Find the ratio of the number of milk teeth to the number of permanent teeth?
A rectangular card board is of length 1.2m and width 20 cm. Find the ratio of width of the paper to its length?
The marked price of a table is Rs 630 and its sale price Rs 600. What is the ratio of the sale price to the marked price?
Sex ratio is defined as the number of females per 1000 males in the population. Find the sex ratio if there are 3750 females per 4500 males in a town?
A boat can travel 428 km on 62 gallons of gasoline. How far can it travel on 15 gallons?

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