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Sample CBSE Class 10 Social Studies Worksheet Questions

Fill in the blanks: During the time of ____________, dams, lakes and irrigation systems were extensively built.
Fill in the blanks: A large population means more water not only for domestic use but also to produce more ___________.
Fill in the blanks: Water ____________ may be due to bad quality of water.
Fill in the blanks:____________ rain water harvesting was commonly practiced to store drinking water, particularly in Rajasthan.
Fill in the blanks: Nearly ____________ per cent of the total water requirement of the household comes from roof top water harvesting.
Fill in the blanks: In India rivers, especially the smaller ones, have all turned into ____________ stream.
Fill in the blanks: Rain falling on the rooftops would travel down the ____________ and was stored in these underground tanka.
Fill in the blanks: Today, large ____________ houses are as commonplace as the ____________ units of many MNC.
Fill in the blanks: All water moves within the ____________ cycle ensuring that water is a renewable resource.
Fill in the blanks: Much of ____________ energy comes from hydroelectric power.

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