Free CBSE Class 10 Social Studies Geography Water Resources Worksheets

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Sample CBSE Class 10 Social Studies Geography Water Resources Worksheet Questions

State Yes or No: Nangal project water is being used both for hydel power production and irrigation.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: A dam is a barrier across flowing water that obstructs, directs or retards the flow, often creating a reservoir, lake or impoundment.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Fragile water resources are being overexploited and have caused their depletion in several of cities.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: In India rivers, especially the smaller ones, have all turned into toxic streams.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Dams are classified according to structure, intended purpose or height.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: From the 2 houses, the net amount of rainwater harvested annually amounts to 1,00,000 liters.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Irrigation has also changed the cropping pattern of many regions with farmers shifting to water intensive and commercial crops.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: In the 11th Century, Assam Lake, one of the largest artificial lakes of its time was built.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: Many houses constructed underground rooms adjoining the tanka to beat the summer heat as it would keep the room cool.
1. Yes 2. No
State Yes or No: The Hirakud project in the Mahanadi basin integrates conservation of water with flood control.
1. Yes 2. No

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